Friday Finds

Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

This week’s Friday finds is quite the mixed bag. Basically, as per usual, it’s what I’ve been into for the last week.


Coachella 2014


  1. Dying about not being at Coachella and dealing with it his by stalking my favourite bloggers that are including (but by no means limited to  – I’m quite the creep) Always Judging, Trop Rouge, How You Glow, Dad Beets. There’s been some serious food porn by the last one. See above photo for a throw back to 2014, the year I was actually there…
  2. Smoothie bowls. There’s so many good ones out there and the blueberry bonanza number in the top pic is delicious. If you’re a blog subscriber you’ll be getting the recipe for this over the weekend so you can look forward to a smoothie bowl on Monday. If you’re not a subscriber and want the recipe, well then just subscribe before Sunday. The link to do so is just there > yep, to your right, where it says ‘Subscribe’.
  3. Podcasts. My friend Ella recommended Snap Judgement to me and so far so good. Awesome storytelling about a range of topics. As a bonus, it’s engrossing enough that I can listen to it while running and not continuously think about how many more trees I need to pass before I get to 5km.
  4. Booya Fitness in my living room is still my vibe. Don’t forget to sign up for a free trial by clicking here. If you didn’t read last Friday’s post explaining what this is then you can click here.
  5. This Chicken and cashew massaman curry sounds delicious.
  6. As does this garlic, herb and pork pasta by Half Baked Harvest.
  7. And last but by no means least, these buckwheat flatbreads need to work their way into my life this weekend. They look so yum.

Until next weeks… or Sunday if you’re a subscriber (bonus recipe time!).

HH. x

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