I love Weiss bars. My favourite ones are the chocolate and coconut ones you can only by in boxes of four at the supermarket. The fact that these only come in fours is never a problem, they’re delicious I want four, it’s that I can never get them when I most want an icey pole, on the way home from beach for example when you stop at the servo or general store. First world problems right? Well this recipe solves none of those problems, it makes 4, isn’t stocked at my local service station and I can’t find it at the beach. However, it is a slightly ‘healthier’ version and I don’t need to leave the house on a 41 degree day to get one. 

And to those who only get fahrenheit, that’s like 106 degrees. No one should have to do anything outdoors in that heat. We should all just be able to sit somewhere cool with one of these chocolatey coco-nutty delights in our hands. Sound good? Then make some for the hot days just around the corner!

Oh yeah and they’re vegan. But I’m not so that’s not solving anymore problems for me.


1 x 400ml can coconut milk or coconut cream (shaken) -use milk for a lighter option

2 Tbs Cacao powder

4 tablespoons desiccated coconut

3 tablespoons coconut flakes (or shredded)

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 tsp maple syrup (add more if you want it sweeter)


Mix together 3/4 cup of the coconut milk, 1.5 tsp of maple syrup and the cacao and heat gently in a small pot until well combined. Take off the heat and pour into icey pole moulds. Place in freezer for about 1 hour, until firm enough to stick ice cream sticks in.

Meanwhile, mix together the remaining coconut milk, vanilla, desiccated coconut and remaining maple syrup. Pour on top of the semi frozen chocolate mix and return to freezer for a few hours or until set.

While setting, turn the oven to 150 degrees celsius and, line a baking tray with parchment paper and place the coconut flakes on it. Toast for a few minutes or until starting to turn golden. Remove and cool.

Once the ice creams have frozen take them out of their moulds (use your hands to warm the moulds) lie on parchment paper and sprinkle the toasted coconut over one side. Place in a tupperware container and return to the freezer until ready to eat.  I think they’re best when you get them out of the freezer at least 5 minutes before eating. Yum!

HH. x

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