I haven’t been as regular on the blog posts this last week or two… but with good reason. Make that good reasons. One of which is that, well Christmas is just a busy time isn’t it? I’ve got family visiting, weddings on, music festivals and job quitting going on.

Yep you read that right… but I’m exaggerating. I haven’t so much quit as taken a year of leave. My plans for next year are oh so hazy but I will definitely be doing three things:

  1. Travel
  2. Making this blog brilliant for all of you
  3. Making the money… somehow eeek.

In line with the first one I’ll be introducing a new section on the blog to cover travel things. And in regards to the second thing I have a little present for you my lovely (subscribed) reader. You should have received an email from me by now with a little present. I’ve been a little slow on the blogging as I’ve also been putting together my first ebook.

It’s very small but full of recipes to help you celebrate with healthy, vibrant and tasty food this season. If you’re a subscriber and didn’t receive your copy it probably means you’re a WordPress follower and I can’t email you. if that’s the case just shoot me an email or sign up to the mailing list (on the right hand side of the screen).


Thanks to Elyse Hamilton for all her help photographing the recipes and eating the food… the eating is an important skill. This is her doing the eating.. or about to anyway.

If you’re not a subscriber and want the Ebook just join the mailing list, I’ll be sending out copies to new subscribers right up until the New Year (those that subscribe prior to Christmas will get their copy by the 25th of December those that subscribe between Christmas and New Years will receive their’s on the 2nd of January). All the photos in this post are little sneak peaks of the recipes in the book – lucky you, getting a sneak peak:)

I hope you all enjoy your present! I’m all about carefully chosen gifts this year as I don’t want to be wasteful or too gimmicky. I’m becoming more and more aware of what a consumer driven society we exist in so this year I am focusing on giving experiences rather than ‘stuff’. Unless it’s stuff someone has asked for that it is – I love trying to listen to hints in the months leading up to Christmas!

I’ll be in touch later in the week with a few recipes to get you through the summer months… until then enjoy the ebook – or go subscribe to get your copy!

HH. x




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