Nutritious, pretty and yummy breakfasts like this don’t need to be time consuming. I love a breakfast that I can prepare before going to bed and then have it ready to go in the morning when time is more important to me. I want to be the kind of person that can get up really early and exercise, make a delicious breakfast and get to work in time… but I’m not! I find getting up earlier than I have to really hard and my mornings always feel really busy. I tend to eat breakfast at work, so grab and go breakfasts like this are an excellent option.


Even though I may eat breakfast at work I always try to take my time eating it and enjoy the food, having it ready to go allows me more time to do this. If you haven’t had chia pudding before, you have to get into it, it’s up their with smoothies and parfait as  one of my favourite summer breakfasts. I don’t add any sweetener to this as I don’t think it needs it, the coconut, fruit and milk all add sweetness.

I usually use black chia seeds like these ones, but you can use whatever you have/please!

1 large serve or 2 small.


2 Tbs chia seeds

2 Tbs yoghurt

2/3 cup milk

2 Tbs shredded coconut

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

To serve

1/2 cup fruit of choice

1/2 Tbs coconut flakes


Combine all ingredients in a jar and stir well. Place a lid on the jar or cover tightly in cling wrap. Leave to soak in the fridge overnight. In the morning shake or stir well and either serve in a bowl and top with fruit and coconut flakes or eat straight from the jar and just put the fruit and coconut flakes in the jar too.

To make for a really quick morning and thus more sleep have the fruit chopped and ready to go so you can just place it on top in the morning and tuck in.

HH. x

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