Hello summer heat. When the days start at totally unnatural temperatures and you still want your morning coffee these are the tasty solution. You need a really good quality almond milk for this recipe as anything too thin won’t have the same flavour or effect. You can sweeten the almond milk with a date or maple syrup – or leave it unweetened and let the bitterness of the coffee break through. If you wouldn’t normally sweeten your coffee then don’t sweeten this!

I made my own almond milk for this and it was delicious. I used this nut milk recipe and added an already scraped vanilla bean to the blender for an amazing (and waste free!) flavour. If making your own you can use the nuts in cookies, or in a smoothie or porridge I am working on a recipe with more structural integrity than I got the first time I did this so will upload it when it’s perfect. I want a recipe that doesn’t require drying the almond mulch first as I’m lazy. And impatient. And don’t want an extra step after I’ve just made my own almond milk from scratch. I mean, I’ll put time into making good food but not that kind of time. Gimme a short cut every time please!

Makes 4 popsicles


4 shots of espresso or drip coffee (instant in a pinch)

2 cups almond milk

a few drops of vanilla extract (alternatively steep a used vanilla pod in the almond milk overnight, or blend it with your almonds when making the almond milk  – the best)

popsicle moulds and sticks

*optional: maple syrup if your coffee is extremely bitter


Pour one shot of coffee into the base of your popsicle mould, mix the vanilla extract into the milk then divide the milk evenly between the moulds. Try pouring it over the back of a spoon so it mixes a little less with the coffee. Do not stir, this way you will have a slightly marbled effect as the two mix together naturally. Place in freezer for 30-40 minutes to firm up then place a popsicle stick in the centre of each. Return to freezer until fully set (overnight if you can).

If you find it difficult to remove the popsicles from the mould briefly dunk the moulds into lukewarm water to loosen.

HH. x

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