Breakfasts should be fun, easy and make you excited. A breakfast that sounds like a dessert definitely ticks those boxes. This one also takes so little time, is full of delicious goodness, and can be prepared the night before.

This isn’t one of those puddings made with gelatin, eggs, cream etc. Instead it’s made with fruit, chia and natural yoghurt and topped with crunchy nuts and coconut. You still get that lovely creaminess and there’s a few extra goodies thrown in too.


There also isn’t really such a thing as ‘superfoods’ it’s a buzzword that most companies abuse but it is supposed to mean foods high in nutrients our bodies need and this breakfast has those in spades: antioxidant rich berries, natural yoghurt filled with good bacteria, and fibre and protein filled chia seeds. Plus the nuts and seeds you throw on top, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck in a quick and easy meal.


1 cup natural yoghurt

1/2 cup berries

2 T chia seeds

1 T muesli/toasted nuts, seeds and coconut


Blend the yoghurt and berries together, stir through the chia seeds and leave to soak in the fridge overnight. In the morning, sprinkle over the muesli and enjoy.


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