It’s root vegetable season and I’m getting into it in a serious way. I’m trying different ways of cooking my favourite root vegetables (helllooooo Parsnip Fries) as well as trying some that I wouldn’t normally eat loads of. I’m definitely a lover of fritters and was craving a more wintery version of what I would normally make… and this is what happened. Do you use kohlrabi much? It has a texture that’s not dissimilar to broccoli stem and it tastes a bit like that mixed with a turnip. I’ve found it has more flavour if you cook it with the skin on so that’s what I’ve done here. I’ve added the Swedes because I love their slight sweetness and they give great golden colour and smooth texture to the fritters. Fritters are such a great breakfast or lunch food as they allow you to get lots more veg! Served with a simple side salad and maybe a dipping sauce these make the perfect lunch or breakfast.


Or you can splash out and have some thickly sliced smoked salmon and avocado with them like I did as I need the brain food today. Or maybe always?! I have been reading a lot less voraciously than I normally would over the last 4 months and I honestly think it’s affecting my mind – it’s a little less sharp than usual! But perhaps this is also from winter and the lack of exercise I am managing to do at the moment in comparison to normal. I just have no motivation to run. I normally really enjoy it but the though of putting my leggings on and going for a run in the cold, damp Melbourne weather is not very appealing! Which is annoying because I know how much better I would feel if I did. Instead of running I’m attempting to fit in incidental exercise in the form of brisk walking from the train station to work, or getting off one station further from home to force myself to get a little more exercise in. Doing things this way I’m probably squeezing in about 40 minutes a day. Which isn’t awful but it’s not a run. So I’ll be trying a few tricks out on myself in coming weeks to get motivated and I’ll let you know how I go. I am horribly stubborn and get bored quickly so this should be a challenge


Back to the fritters…

Makes 12


1 medium swede, peeled and quartered.

1 medium kohlrabi

2 eggs

2 Tbs milk

1/4 cup flour (i like to use buckwheat or spelt)

1/4 tsp chilli flakes

1 Tbs sesame seeds (yay for extra calcium)

salt and pepper to season

1-2 Tbs oil (I like to use coconut or rice bran)


Steam the kohlrabi and swede for approximately 15 minutes or until the swede is just tender. Remove both from the steamer. Remove the skin of the kohlrabi and grate both the kohlrabi and swede.

Beat together the eggs, flour, milk, seasoning, chilli and sesame seeds. Add the grated vegetable to this mix.

Heat oil in a large pan over medium high heat. Once hot place in 1/4 cup size mounds of the fritter mix. Fry for a few minutes on either side. Once golden (due the the sweetness of the swede they will colour quite quickly so you may need to adjust your heat) and a little bit crispy remove from the pan and drain on paper towel.

Serve with a side salad, an egg, some salmon, or just a dollop of chilli hit Greek yoghurt. Yum.

HH. x


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